Šipan is the biggest of the Elaphite Islands with the area of over 16 km and a population of appx. 400 people. It features lush subtropical vegetation, a mild climate, easily accessible coast and characteristic Mediterranean landscape. 


Today the most cultivated plants on Šipan are olives, wine grapes, figs, pomegranates and carob trees. We have the highest number of olive trees per capita world wide, so understandably production of high quality olive oil is a major activity for the inhabitants of Šipan.

Over 600 types of herbs can be found on the island, and many of them are used in medicine. Between 40 and 60 of the herb types are protected. Some of the herbs that can be found on Šipan are  fennel, thyme, rosemary, bay leafs, artemisia and oregano.

The coast is easily accessible, and offers nice spots for sun baths and swimming activities. The rocky coast and the crystal clean waters make it perfect for diving.


The climate is mild, and it is sunny for most of the time with appx. 130 sunny days per year.  This makes Šipan perfect for visiting not only during the busy summer season, but also in the spring and in autumn, throughout the whole October and even in November.


In the middle ages and during the Republic of Ragusa Šipan was known as a chic summer getaway among the noble men from Dubrovnik. They built beautiful villas and summer homes on Šipan, the remains of many of which can be still spotted on the island among pines or olive trees. Many old buildings incl. churches, some of them dating from as far as the 11th century, have been restored and today they create an atmosphere of romanticism and tranquility. 

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