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Reservation policy

A pre-payment of the price for 1 night is required to complete a booking process.  The remaining booking amount can be payed at the time of your stay with us. For more details, please see the "Payments" section of this policy.

Our accommodation choices are suitable for adults only, and are designed to accommodate 2 sleeps. Exceptionally we may be able to arrange an additional third sleep upon request. In this case the price per night for the additional sleep will be 20 EUR.

No pets are allowed, sorry.

The minimum length of stay is 3 days. 


Exceptionally we may accept accommodation requests for stays of less than 3 days. In this case no discounts or advertised promotions will be applied and we will charge as per our standard rates for the respective season.

Urgent last minute reservations for less than 3 nights will be accepted in case we can confirm availability of units. No discounts or advertised promotions will be applied, and an additional 20 EUR charge will be added to the standard price per night.

All prices include the tourist accommodation tax and weekly housekeeping for stays of at least 7 days.

If upon departure the unit is found to be in a state that falls outside of the standard norms, an additional 100 EUR cleaning fee will be applied.

We understand that from the time you make a booking with us some unplanned changes may occur that can impact your vacation plans. To request assistance with your booking, please contact us by using our advertised contact channels.

Cancellation policy

A refund of 50 % of your pre-payment (your booking deposit) will be made if you cancel at least one month prior to your arrival date.*

No refunds will be made for cancellations that fall outside of the above period.

*Not applicable for non-refundable policy.

Non-refundable policy

The non-refundable policy requires pre-payment of the complete booking amount, without the option for any returns or compensations in case the guest needs to change or to cancel their booking.  The discount on the standard price when choosing non refundable policy is 17 %. No other discounts can be applied in addition to it.

By choosing the option for non-refundable policy upon submitting a booking via this web site, the submitter agrees to perform a complete payment of the booking upfront, within 5 business days after submitting a booking online, through this web site. Available are all payment options, as published on this web site. If the submitter fails to complete the payment within 5 business days, their booking will be cancelled.

Covid-19 impact

If you have to modify or cancel your booking due to unforeseen Covid-19 related circumstances, we will arrange the cancellation for you free of charge, and your complete deposit payment will be refunded to you. All booking modifications will be arranged on a best effort basis, and free of charge while applying the respective price calculations for the exchange period of your stay or the exchange accommodation unit.


All payments will be arranged after a booking is submitted via our web site, Within 24 hours from the submission of a new booking we will email to the booker all details about the available offline and online payment options so they can complete the payment of their deposit or of the complete booking amount after choosing the option that suits them best. 

We support both online and offline payment types such as online card payments, card payments at our POS terminal, wire transfers and cash payments. For more details please see  "Payment Options" on this web site.

Additional charges

Cleaning fee*    100 EUR

*If upon departure the unit is found to be in a state that falls outside of the standard norms

Housekeeping upon request*     30 EUR

*weekly housekeeping is free of charge


Urgent last minute bookings*     + 20 EUR per night

* the charge is added to the standard price per night. No advertised promotions or discounts will be applied.

An additional sleep*      20 EUR per night

*subject to availability, exceptionally

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