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Total Croatia, 

a visitor's guide

Visit Paul Bradbury's ultimate guide to Croatia and find useful information that will help you prepare for your trip. Learn about some of the most breath taking destinations and how to reach them, explore the best ways of getting around and more.

Yacht Deck

The Via Dinarica Bluetrail project

This project offers information packs about various destinations in the area. Šipan is one of them. Simply make your selection per area of interest and take a glimpse at what the place can offer:


Visit Mljet

Mljet is one of the world’s most beautiful islands with its amazing nature reserve. A regular ship line operates from Dubrovnik and passes through Šipanska Luka, the settlement on the western part of Šipan.

Sunset Sailboats

Explore the Dalmatian coast

From Dubrovnik it is possible to sail to other major cities on the coast or other fascinating islands. Have a look at the open boat or the ship lines and plan your own trip.

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