Apartments Kate are located in the centre of the peaceful fishermen village of Suđurađ. Our property is on the right from the old castle at the centre of the harbor. 


The beach of Suđurađ is 50 m from us, and a small grocery store, a bar and two restaurants are 50-70 m away.


Administratively Šipan is part of the Dubrovnik municipality. The bus stop for Šipanska Luka and the harbor for the boats that connect us with Dubrovnik and the neighboring islands Lopud and Koločep are about 100 m away.


Take a picturesque trip to Dubrovnik to explore the city’s heritage or to simply enjoy the dynamic social life, and then return to the tranquility of Šipan. Don't be fooled by the quiet idyllic look of the island that at times seems asleep as if time is staying still. There is a lot to explore on Šipan and there are so many experiences waiting to be discovered by you!

Go hiking and explore the island's historical past

From our property it is easy to get on some exciting hiking paths. Start to the north to take a walk through olive gardens, wild flowers and herbs, or instead walk to the south to reach the church-fortress of Sveti Duh (St. Spirit) where centuries ago the inhabitants of Šipan used to seek refugee from pirate attacks. 


Walking up to one of the highest peaks on the island (Veliji Vrh, Sveto Trojstvo church) is worth it if you want to enjoy stunning views to other islands from the Elaphite archipelago, the island of Mlijet, the mainland and Dubrovnik.


Šipan offers great cycling opportunities to the lovers of nature and  the active lifestyle. Simply getting by bicycle from  Suđurađ to Šipanska Luka is an exciting adventure of passing through old villas and private homes with beautiful gardens, the olive and the grape fields of Šipan.


We are happy to offer you a bicycle for an advantageous price at our property. Simply ask our staff about it.



The area is just right for explorers and lovers of kayaking. You can rent a kayak in Suđurađ from lovely Marija and go ahead and explore Šipan and other nearby islands by sea. There are many natural caves in the area to discover independently or on a guided tour. 


Kayaks can be rented from May through middle of October, every day from 10:00 to 18:00 o'clock at the centre of the gulf of Suđurađ.

Explore Šipan's shores on a SUP board

With our SUP board, take an exciting trip around Šipan's shores to see beautiful natural niches on the rocky walls and  enjoy  some stunning views towards the neighbouring islands. This can also be an exciting way of spotting dolphins in the sea.

Taste our home made olive oil

One of our family traditions is to produce our own olive oil. We have our own olive gardens, and each autumn we engage in traditional olive picking. Our olives are the source of an aromatic oil that tastes just wonderful both on salads and when used in cooking.


Our own extra virgin olive oil can be purchased at our property at an advantageous price. Just ask our staff about it.

Try the delicious wine of Šipan

Our close relative Mato Goravica recently re-established his family tradition of wine production. In the field of Šipan Mato cultivates the sorts Tuscana, Merlot, Plavac, Cabernet Sauvignon and others.


We think that his wines are some of the best of the particular sort that we have ever tasted, and highly recommend them to everyone! Mato's wine is produced with love and care by people who care about the land, their traditions and the quality of their production.


If you wish to purchase a bottle of the Goravica wine (red, white or rosé), please let us know and we will be happy to offer it to you.


For more info about the business please visit

Take part in this year's grape harvest

Join our community for the yearly grape picking, in the field of Šipan.  Every year in the period from the end of August until the end of September we gather 3 or 4 times to help pick the grapes for Mato Goravica's wines.


Grape picking usually starts in the early morning, between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. and finishes around lunch time. After we finish, we gather for lunch at Mato's family house to commute and share the joy from the work done.

Like all other most precious experiences, this one is priceless. And it costs nothing.

Discover the forgotten sweetness of carob

Mato Goravica has started to process and sell the high quality carob from Šipan island known as CARIN. It is so sweet and healthy, and is a must have ingredient for your cake recipes. To learn more about Šipan's carob and about Mato's carob project on Šipan read our blog post The forgotten sweetness of carob.

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Eco cosmetics and other local products with natural ingredients

We are proud to be partnering with our friend Živana Klečak (Vivian) and we believe that her wonderful eco products deserve to become discovered by the world. We have been using ourselves her delightful fragrance soaps, the face cream and the softening skin lotion, and can never get enough of the delicious healthy fig jam that contains no added sugar. It was made from the figs in her own garden, and orange peels were added as a natural conservant. We are preparing an extended information package about Vivian's products. Please, let us know if you are interested in trying them.

Fresh Mediterranean cuisine with home grown veggies

Fall in love with the tasteful and healthy Mediterranean cuisine after dining at Konoba Stara Mlinica, at the pier of Suđurađ. The place is a family restaurant run by the brothers Nikola and Maroje Lešević. They make sure you are always served fresh sea food with fish caught by fishermen from our area. The family grows their own healthy vegetables in the field of Šipan. We promise, it is an unmissable food experience, along with the simple relaxing atmosphere at the restaurant and the beautiful sea view.

Dining options in Šipanska Luka

We are always happy to recommend our friends from Villa Dubravka in Šipanska Luka.  Enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner in the middle of a beautiful mediterranean garden, under the pine trees, in the centre of Šipanska Luka. Click here for more details about this business.

We love the fresh fish dishes served at Konoba Tauris. What a delightful experience, don't miss it! Try them yourself and treat your senses. Find more about the business or reserve a table here.

If you prefer a simpler budget option, then you will like the offer of pizzeria Lukrecija. Located under the shade of palm trees, pizzeria Lukrecija is a nice quiet place to relax and get a tasty meal.

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