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A summary of this past season

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The summer is officially over here on Šipan, and we are ready to finally write another story. The past season was busy but full of joyful encounters, moments of happiness and slow summer vibes, as well as of many new pleasant acquaintances.

As the season slowly ends, we start to plan our winter activities to make sure we stay active to get done as much work as possible for next season. You may remember our post about the field of Šipan where we grow the most delicious olives. This year was not a particularly good one for the harvest and we won't be making our traditional olive oil unfortunately. Instead of that we worked in Mato Goravica's vineyards and helped him pick the grapes for this year's cabernet sauvignon, the plavac mali for his rose and other sorts. Traditionally everybody from Suđurađ is invited to help with the grape harvest so usually we are a big team of helpers who along with the hard work engage in chats, always ready for a good laugh, and enjoying their glass of wine after a few hours of work.

Do you remember Mato's tasteful cabernet sauvignon, his merlot and the rose? Well, judging from the quality of this year's grapes, we are convinced that next year his wines will be at least as good as this year's products we tasted.

As you may know, summer on Šipan can often continue for much longer than it is usually expected, to European standards. So we enjoyed, and are still enjoying some warm sunny days that are just perfect for traveling. And this is what we did. It was now our turn to pack up and go exploring. Here are just some of the pictures that we took on other breath taking spots in Croatia that we visited in October:

Our end season trip helped us recharge and collect new and fresh energy for the coming winter, to make sure we are fit for some new improvement projects. We are already working on a few surprises for our new and the returning guests in summer 2020, so stay in touch with us. Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page to tell us what changes you wish to see happening, to ask us questions or simply leave us a note. We love hearing from you and as always are sending to you a lot of sunny greetings from Šipan island!

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