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Introducing studio Vivian and the artful way of living

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

In this post I will introduce you to the magical artful world of our dear friend Vivian Klečak in her art studio. Learn all about the best natural cosmetic products in the area and the fascinating hand crafted art that our friend personally produces with love and great care.

Vivian Klečak, personal archive.
Vivian Klečak, personal archive.

Vivian is a born artist coming originally from the small picturesque island of Krapanj near Šibenik. She has been living in Dubrovnik with her family for quite some time now, and spends the summertime in Zvekovica, a nice quiet place near Dubrovnik where she takes care of the beautiful flowers, and the orange and fig trees in her garden. At her workshop there she makes her delicious fig jam, the fragranced all natural soaps and lotions, and creates beautiful hand crafted art.

I have one of her fine and stylish pictures hanging on the wall of our living room, stopped buying from the stores and instead use only her mild naturally fragranced soaps and skin lotions, and am addicted to that explosively delicious fig jam. I am undoubtedly the biggest fan of Vivian's all natural products and art, made with so much love and attention to every single detail. Here is why I love and proudly recommend them to everyone who gets the opportunity to acquire and test or taste them!

Natural soaps

The soaps contain glycerine, goat milk and of course our Dalmatian natural extra virgin olive oil that helps revive the skin and make it soft and healthy. All soaps are naturally fragranced with essential oils, and colorized by adding chocolate, cinnamon or turmeric.

The rose flavored soap is my favorite and it is just right for face washing. It contains Bulgarian rose oil derived from Rosa Damascena, which has a couple of thousand years' long history of cultivation in a small mountain region in Bulgaria called the Rose Valley. Bulgarian rose is known around the world for its incredible qualities, among them its heavenly scent and the unique composition of chemicals that help nourish and revive the skin and hair.

The fig jam, an explosion of taste

The fig jam with no added sugar, a true explosion of taste!
The fig jam with no added sugar, a true explosion of taste!

I am addicted to Vivian's fig jam and can never get enough of it. But it's ok, because it is all natural and contains no added sugar at all. I can continue to take pleasure in my addiction without any worries at all, it's completely safe and healthy! The fig jam is made of dried figs that came from the fig tree in Vivian's own garden. That tree just as all other plants in the garden has never been sprayed with any kind of chemicals. The natural preservatives such as lemon juice, orange and tangerine peals add up to the heavenly taste, and of course too come from plants that are home grown, completely naturally.

The art works

If you are looking for an original hand crafted wall decoration that tells its own story and adds to the warm aesthetics of your home interior, you should take a look at the beautiful art works at Art studio Vivian.

Acrylic on glass is an often applied technique.

Other techniques include the use of real dried flowers in various ways: as a 3D decoration on vases or bowls, or as beautiful details on paintings in acrylics.

If you are looking for an original piece of art that will lift your soul, you should take a close look at Vivian's beautiful creations.

Needless to mention that these fascinating experiences will be available to you once you set foot on Šipan's soil. We want to make sure that we bring to you the best of what our beautiful region and its talented hard working people can offer to true explorers of nature, culture and spirit.

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