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How we are coping with the coronavirus crisis

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The past couple of months have been tough for everybody. The world stopped, we put our lives on hold. Many of us are disappointed and have lost their trust in political leaders. This climate of confusion, disappointment and the feeling that something is wrong with our modern value system is the perfect environment for many conspiracy theories to emerge. All of them suggest that coronavirus was purposefully engineered and spread with the end goal that a hidden and a powerful enemy makes a profit or wins a war.

Other people believe that this new crisis is the nature's wake up call for us all to stop and to start reflecting on our relationship to nature and to consider our culture of consumerism. The continuing trend of deepening inequality and the discrepancies within the classical theory of economics, the devastating effects of modern human activity on the stability of our climate and the continuing global warming, as well as what scientists call the holocene extinction are all once again among the top discussion topics on the agenda.

We have been consistent in making sure we do our small part to help preserve Šipan's nature and the historical heritage in our area. You may already know that we are at this time implementing complete ecologically sustainable work processes at Apartments Kate. And while the prospects for the upcoming touristic summer season are still unclear and uncertain, we are strictly following the measures and the advises that Croatia's coronavirus crisis council has prescribed. We are staying healthy and busy, making sure that meanwhile our beautiful olive trees on Šipan island are taken good care of.

Take a glimpse at what we've been up to these days:

Mowing the grass not only makes the trees look prettier, but it also helps give them more space to develop and to grow.

Cutting the dry branches and into the thick areas of the tree crown helps make sure olives get enough sun light to ripe.

At the end of the day one looks back at the work done to admire the beauty of the trees, to take a deep breath of the cocktail of herbs in the fresh evening air, and experience the sense of complete happiness.

Stay healthy dear friends, and give a hand to the people around you, if you can. We will go through this together to hopefully meet again once this crisis is over.

Yours, Brina and Miho

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