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Our Deluxe apartment became a four star accommodation

You may remember our deluxe apartment on Šipan, as we like to call it. Yes, the one we completely reconstructed last year so our returning guests could hardly recognize it last summer. We were so happy to learn about the improved experience they had.

And all the other feedbacks we got from you: the comfort of having your own washing machine, or the new soft bed to relax in, the coffee maker and the fully equipped spacious kitchen. Miho was particularly insistent about putting induction cooking plates so our returning guests who enjoy cooking can from now on enjoy it even better.

And that was the cherry of the cake. Last winter we worked very hard and went through so many challenges: drills got broken, furniture orders got lost and then wrongly delivered, and we joked that whatever could go wrong, it just did.

Well, it was all worth it. Seeing you happy, and learning of your amazingly positive experience and of how comfortable you felt in this apartment was making our day and gave us so much energy.

And then, at the end of season 2018, we invited representatives of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board to come along and review our property again, to have its description updated. They liked the apartment so much, and offered to upgrade the rating from 3 to 4 stars.

So now it's official: This is our first four star unit on our three star property! :)

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