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The magic of spring

Nature has been quite busy lately, unfolding to us the magnificent colours of spring. Taking a simple usual stroll into a known olive field, or among the old pine trees is becoming a completely new and even a magical experience. The landscape is rapidly changing, new more bright and intense colours are covering the horizon. The air brings a bouquet of smells, there is fresh grass, flowers and pine, herbs and the sea.

One feels like being in a fairy tale, far far away from the every day life as we know it and as we are used to it. The world is changing, we are once again reminded of the eternal beauty of the equilibrium that nature is made of and bears within itself. We are part of this gentle equilibrium and this is where we truly belong.

Like most places on the coast, Šipan is a more popular holiday destination in the summer months, and we think that this is because the magic of Šipan's spring has remained hidden and is possibly yet to be discovered by curious travellers.

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